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The aim of treatment is the restoration of health. It is important to hold in mind that this is a process and not a quick fix. 
Our aim is to help you understand the purpose of your symptoms and to see them in the context of what has taken place in your life. 
Being aware that your symptoms are not the body malfunctioning but a sign it is operating in accordance with its natural intelligence can help change how you view your suffering. 
Treatment includes guidance around diet and lifestyle, as well as the prescription of medicines specific to you and your symptoms.
The aim is to help improve your overall health and vitality, and help you feel more empowered and in control.


You will be either given you remedy at the consultation or it will be posted to you. You will be given detailed written instructions on how to prepare and take your medicine.

The medicines are prepared from all three kingdoms in nature, animal, vegetable and mineral. You will be informed of what medicine you have been prescribed.

The medicine normally comes in dry granule form. The method we use is to make a medicinal solution by putting the granules into a bottle half filled with spring or filtered water. You will either be given a glass medicine bottle or asked to get a small bottle of mineral water. 

After the granules have had time to dissolve you will be asked to strike the bottle five times onto a hard surface, usually a hard backed book or work surface. This striking will need to be repeated every time you are asked to take another dose. The striking changes the potency slightly so you are not repeatedly taking a remedy at the same dose.

From the bottle you will take a small quantity, normally a teaspoon, and add to a glass with around 100mls of spring or filtered water and from this glass you will be asked to take a specific amount, or in some cases you will be asked to use more than one glass. 

By creating this medicinal solution it allows the homeopath to carefully adjust the quantity of medicine you need to take.

Details on how to prepare your medicine are inn this video:


As we go through life we do things and behave in ways and eat things which may not be best for us.  The consultation will help to identify the things that may be acting as maintaining causes for ill health. Advice can then be be given around changes that can be made.


Sending regular reports as requested by your homeopath enables them to assess:

  • Is the prescription correct?

  • Is the remedy at the correct potency?

  • Does the amount taken need to be adjusted?

  • When a new prescription or consultation is needed?

You will be asked to send reports at specified intervals, usually by email. The reports should detail any changes that you are experiencing or even if there are no changes. In some cases it may enable a new remedy to be prescribed?

Reports are a really important way of the homeopath keeping aware of the effects of your prescription, and are considered part of the treatment. 


If you are taking other medication(s) and supplements please let the homeopath know at the consultation. This should include any "natural remedies". Everything we take has an impact upon our vitality and produces a change in how we express symptoms. It is possible to continuing taking other medicines alongside homeopathy but this should be discussed first.
If following your prescription you experience symptoms or changes that are difficult for you to bear. Unless it is an emergency and there is a serious risk to your health we ask that you please contact your homeopath before taking anything.
Of course if you are feeling seriously unwell you should get emergency treatment.


Providing regular reports as requested by your homeopath is essential to see whether the right remedy has been given and how it is acting? You are encouraged to contact your homeopath if you have any questions or concerns, either by email or phone. If we are not available straight away we will always get back to you as soon as we can.

It is important to remember we are not an emergency service. In an emergency please call 999.

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