Paul Hudson

I work and practice in the Bristol area.

Consultations can be held via video call.

I trained as a mental health nurse and worked in the NHS until 1998. Since then I have continued to work in voluntary sector in the the care sector.  

Throughout my I have always had an interest in views that run counter to orthodoxy. It was this wish to explore new ideas and ways of thinking about the world that brought me to homeopathy in the 1990's for treatment and then to study and practice.


Jamie Taylor

I work and practise in the Bath and London areas. 

Consultations can be held via video call by Skype or WhatsApp.

I was born into a medical family, my father trained to be a doctor and practised as an osteopath, my mother was a Westminster nurse and my uncle was a doctor. 

I live and work in Bath but often travel to see patients in London and even Karachi.

00 44 7886421315


Karen Gorman

I practise in the Worcester area.

Consultations can be held via Zoom, Skype, etc.,video call.

I embarked on a career in homeopathy in 1986 after becoming very despondent with the treatment that a close relative was receiving for her depression, I could see that no amount conventional treatment with anti-depressants was helping her. I began a desperate search to find something else that would help with her suffering, I knew in  my heart here must be something out there? After going down many dead ends and after much exploration I eventually discovered "homeopathy". After seeing how the treatment helped my relative to become free of her depression and began to laugh again I knew I wanted to know more. I was so grateful for the change brought about that I decided I had to become a homeopath myself. I felt really strongly that I wanted to pass on this healing art for the benefit of future generations.

Contact me please through:

00 44 7900 526803

Cosmetic Oils
Cosmetic Oils

Our vision

Our vision is for homeopathy to be:

  • The provision of information and support of patients and students

  • The increased awareness of homeopathy as a true healing art.

  • The treatment of choice for individuals and through the treatment of the underlying cause of their ill health, enable them to live a healthier life.​

We will achieve this through:

  • A confidential consultation which allows patients the time and space to describe their sufferings in full. To include the most significant points of their history. Where appropriate, and with full consent to gather information from those close to the patient.

  • An analysis of the information given that allows the homeopath to understand the totality of physical, emotional and spiritual factors which have led to the patients suffering.

  • An understanding that the totality of patients symptoms are representative of an underlying disorder.

  • The prescription of one individual, well-proven, potentised medicine that covers the totality of the image of the patients symptoms.

  • Working closely with patients to ensure they provide reports of their observed action of the remedy and assess the healing process.

  • To ensure that each treatment builds on the one before through the careful prescription of related remedies