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Information for patients

What happens in a consultation?

Consultations are informal, relaxed, safe and confidential. Ideally they take place face to face but we can also consult via video link.

The key is to allow you the time you need to describe in detail your reasons for wanting treatment. Treating the whole person requires time to achieve an understanding of you and your history before a medicine is prescribed. Your homeopath needs to understand the wider context of your suffering, linking physical pathology to inherited traits, childhood development, emotional states, the impact of relationships and physical and environmental factors.

The first consultation can last for up to 2 hours. All aspects of your physical, mental and emotional state and your relationships will be explored. This will include where known you and your family’s medical history. The aim is to achieve as complete a picture of you and your symptoms as possible. You will be asked many questions such as, when did you first experience this symptom? What makes it feel better or worse? Is it worse at a particular time of the day? Do you have any particular likes or dislikes or things that make you feel worse generally e.g. heat or cold, salty/sweet foods, hot or cold drinks. How is your sleep? What makes you angry or sad? How are the relationships in your life?

Treating the whole person requires time and patience to gather enough detail before a medicine is prescribed for you. Each of us is unique and we each react uniquely to things, so each treatment needs to be unique too.

It can be helpful to get information from people who know you well to tell us things that you may not be able to notice about yourself. If we need to do this we will always ask you first.

What happens next?

Your homoeopath will synthesise the information gathered to find a homeopathic medicine specifically matched to your individual needs. Sometimes this can be done very quickly and may be possible at the time of the consultation. Generally the homeopath will need time to consider what medicine best matches, it may be that more questions will need to be asked, this is usually done by email. Once a medicine is found that best covers the totality of you and your symptoms it will then be sent to you with clear instructions on how and when to take it.  You will be asked to send regular written reports so that your homeopath can keep a close eye on how your treatment is progressing.

How often do I need to consult?

That depends on you and your treatment and also on the nature of your illness. Sending reports and remaining in touch allows the homeopath to observe the progress of treatment and to advise when the next prescription may be required. It will be dependent upon whether your treatment is for a chronic or acute self limiting condition. It can vary from one month to 6 months or longer.

What support is available between consultations?

Providing reports regularly as often as requested is essential to allow the homeopath to see whether the right remedy has been given and how it is acting. Patients are encouraged to contact if they have any questions or concerns, either by email or phone. If we are not available straight away we will always get back to you as soon as we can. It is worth noting we do not operate like the NHS and not able to respond like an emergency service, in any emergency please call 999.

Can I take the medicines that my doctor has prescribed while taking homeopathic treatment?

Yes certainly. Homeopathic medicines work in a different way to conventional medicine so can be taken alongside each other, but this should be discussed with your homeopath. We would never advise anyone to stop taking anything prescribed by someone else.

How much does it cost?

We are not funded like the NHS. The consultation, medicine and support through until your next consultation is £120.00, with follow ups being charged at £60 an hour. The fee is halved for children under 16. We emphasise that the fee should not be a barrier to treatment. If this may cause you difficulties please speak with your homeopath before making any decision.

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