Today there are seemingly many ways that homeopathy is practised. Classical homeopaths regard Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, as an authority. His original discoveries, extensive research and empirical confirmation are the key source for us. Classical homeopaths only use medicines which have been thoroughly tested following the detailed method advocated by Hahnemann. Hahnemann only ever tested the effects of single medicines, so we will only use one remedy at a time during the healing process and never in combination. We do not advocate frequent repetition (unlike some models), but wait and observe the action of this one remedy in its single dose until it has done all it can do before following on with another slightly stronger dose or a related or underlying remedy. 

Hahnemann came to the view that the symptoms we produce are a result of our life force/vitality trying to maintain balance within the system. It is the concept of this vital force and its action that underpins our method of practice. We will always view the origins of illness as an inner ‘spiritual disconnection’ rather than something rooted in external factors.  A medicine becomes a Homeopathic remedy, with healing potential, when it can supply information to our vital force and facilitate change on an inner level. Healing then takes place from the inside out and symptoms gradually disappear.

In classical homeopathy there is no such thing as a specific medicine for a particular illness, an over the counter remedy is not our approach. Nor do we advocate prophylactic or "inoculation", for example when travelling abroad. Each medicine is carefully and precisely worked out on an individual basis, taking your life history, your current presenting symptoms and any inherited symptoms into account.

For classical homeopaths illness is a complex result of how each of us has responded to life's challenges. Our understanding is that we are not a clean slate when we are born, but carry with us patterns from our ancestry which result in a tendency towards certain illnesses or ways of responding emotionally and physically to certain life events. In homeopathic terms this is known as "susceptibility". This susceptibility influences the way we live in and respond to the world so it explains why we can be exposed to similar events and each one of us will be differently affected.

Health is viewed as the ability to respond and adapt to situations in life without resulting symptoms or restrictions. Each time we react and produce symptoms our lives becomes a little more restricted. Over the years, without appropriate treatment these restrictions build up and we can end up with very little flowing freely for us and sometimes far removed from what we would like to do or be. Classical homeopathy works simply and clearly to unravel this process with each treatment building on the one before; each remedy is worked out meticulously for the current situation, whilst at the same time taking into account the underlying susceptibility, and the awareness of what has gone before. Using remedies in this integrated way leads to a step by step improvement in total health not just removal of groups of symptoms as they arrive.

All this does not mean that homeopathy cannot act quickly; in acute situations (for example accidents or short term sudden illnesses) it can be very fast to resolve symptoms. However classical homeopaths will then look in depth as to what factors are underlying this outbreak of symptoms and follow on with a related remedy for the more chronic situation, which over time can lessen the tendency for acute situations to arise. 

The healing journey is not always easy and it needs commitment, understanding of the process and patience, but we believe the classical approach is a reliable and well-tested method of restoring health.

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