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The idea of holistic health is not a new one, homeopathy has been successfully practised for over two hundred years and treats patients following a clearly defined set of principles (please see about homeopathy). As an alternative to the orthodox approach homeopaths treat sickness by following these principles that when applied encourage peoples ability to self heal and to self regulate. The patient is encouraged and supported to understand their own health and the steps they can take towards being healthier. It is best not to wait until sickness is fully developed to have treatment, as general health can be improved with homeopathic treatment. The thorough consultation aims to understand who you are as a person, everyone is different and the homeopath will take good note of what makes you different from everyone else.

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Natural Homeopathy

We are a group of homeopaths who  work together to aid our understanding of homeopathy and to enable us to provide the best possible treatment. We hope that as a patient, or a member of the public who's enquiring about a homeopathic approach to health, or a practitioner or a student that you find something of interest here.

If you have any questions about the homeopathic approach we would encourage you to contact one our practitioners. We are happy to discuss questions such as:

Can I combine homeopathy and orthodox treatment?

Why might it not be in my best interest to take a substance repeatedly whether it is prescribed by a homeopath or a doctor or bought over the counter?

Our experience shows that by developing an understanding of the holistic functioning of the human being, many questions can be put into perspective and better understood. 

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